In Lessons from the Trumpet Vine, author Jeri Glatter draws upon her personal experiences to create the uniquely nurturing voices of a spiritual presence she refers to as the elders. Delivering messages of hope and answering questions that arise during life’s interpersonal explorations, the collective voice of the elders emerges as a charming, unassuming font of safety and love. And through the poignancy of their lessons, the elders reach out to all readers drawn to inspirational prose, but notably to those in search of insight. Read more

About Jeri L. Glatter

A self-taught painter who honed her writing craft from an early age, author Jeri Glatter spent the first decade of her professional career utilizing her artistic gifts in the fashion industry.

While her children were in elementary school, Ms. Glatter became widely known, respected, and in demand for her orchestration of fundraising events that involved art projects for the school and students. Once her children were older, she combined her previous corporate experience with her expanding artistic knowledge and skill, launching an event-planning business with a partner.
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Excerpt from the Book

For the first time, the elders spoke to me, their individual voices coalescing and gently emerging as one. At long last, dear child, we see you are ready—you have relinquished your soul.
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